Construction Testing and Instrumentation, Inc.

Work and Testing Capabilities Provided:

Construction Testing

  • Concrete Coring - 4 and 6-inch diameter cores
  • Hand Augers - 0 to 12-feet
  • Footing and Foundation measurements
  • Proof-rolling of subgrades
  • Dynamic Compaction set-up and monitoring
  • Retention system excavation monitoring
  • Slurry wall monitoring
  • Caisson monitoring
  • Pile driving and augercast pile monitoring

Geotechnical & Structural Instrumentation

  • Vane Shear Testing
  • Pressuremeter Testing
  • Vibration monitoring- capable of monitoring tunnels +400 feet deep (Chicago & Denver)
  • Inclinometer installation and monitoring
  • Load test for caissons, piles. micro piles and tieback anchor systems
  • Installment of Utility Settlement Indicators and Settlement Plates
  • Radar measurements of velocity for dynamic compaction weights
  • Penstock water systems for Dams monitoring
  • Vibrating wire strain gauges, Extensometer and Piezometers for rock tunnel monitoring
  • Multiple borehold Extensometers (MPBX), El Beam Sensors, Convergence Tape Extemsometers


March 23, 2019