Construction Testing and Instrumentation, Inc.


Cti has been involved with hundreds of civil works projects throughout the Chicago land area ranging from private and residential developments, multi-story condominiums, commercial and retail development, to various transportation related projects throughout northeast Illinois. Throughout the years Cti has been associated with numerous contractors, engineers, developers, municipalities and private parties. Cti offers a full scope of Geotechnical Investigation, Material Testing, and Construction Inspection of steel and concrete structures.

Due to the clientel CTI has now openend a new office in the Denver area whee we will provide Vibration Monitoring services. Please view our Vibration Monitoring tab on our side menu for more information.

Some projects CTI has been involved with:

Fermilab- Department of Energy

    • 360 ft Underground Extensometers
  • Pre-construction HD Video
  • Vibration Monitoring

AMLI Condominiums

    • Vibration Monitoring
  • Pre & Post Construction Video

Bombardier Incorporated

  • Observed and recorded data from dynamic compaction
  • Tested and approved lifts of compacted soil

Charter Lab School-

  • Conducted vaneshear and pressure meter tests
  • Surveyed site and facilitated rotory drilling


  • Installed strain gauges on rakes supporting deep excavation
  • Performed strain gauge readings
  • Vibration monitoring

McCook Quarry

  • Installed 250 foot deep extensometers and inclinometers
  • Conducted inclinometers and extensometer readings

Art Institute of Chicago

  • Tested soil compaction under pre-existing foundation
  • Installed utility indicators on submerged pipes
  • Conducted vaneshear test and intalled inclinometers

Recent projects CTI has been involved with:

-Congress Parkway Interchange and Improvement Project

-Northwest Children Memorial Project

-Metal Management Project

-Rosevelt Collection Project